“Figure-ground theory states that the space that results from placing figures should be considered as carefully as the figures themselves.” Space is called negative space if it is unshaped after the placement of figures. 101 Things I Learned in Architecture School by Matthew Frederick

I love when the sun rises very early in the day because it feels like an invitation to awake and fully embody every single minute of sunlight. Unlike the long Michigan winter, when darkness pervades the morning and the evening, these few months of brightness and dawn are my best time of year.

So many people to choose from – potential friends, clients, lovers, neighbors. Yesterday, I arrived home in full sunlight with two of my three angels asleep in the back seat. My neighbor stood at the bottom of her driveway, watching for her one-and-only to walk the block home from school.

The sun beamed down in perfect temperature unobstructed. Wasn’t too hot, nor too cold. In the day, I hiked in the forest with my daughter’s Kindergarten class, not a cloud breaking the perfect blue of the sky.

It’s these moments, you know. These little raindrop-sized awakenings that are everywhere.

How many times have I said lately that when a door closes, a window opens? Cliche, I know, but evidently true.

In a different life, a former life driven by fear and what-ifs, I made dinner every night. I baked in the mornings and fed armies every weekend. It has seemed like a dream to generate fodder for my family on a daily basis ever since I started this path toward a different existence.

But last night, I sauteed onions with olive oil, oregano, pepper and salt for split pea soup. Carrots cooked soft, red potatoes, skin still on, split peas and white beans and vegetable broth. Delicious, parmesan cheese sprinkled over top of each steaming bowl.

My table was set with a variet of options. Creamed herring (only I ate it of course), tuna fish (an offering for Asher), the last of the noodles, new dills and pull-aparts with cream cheese or whipped butter, and roasted cauliflower with a sprinkle of curry.

It was a good night, a filling night, a brief gathering of everyone I love around a single table. These are moments for which we all live. These are the moments to love.

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