Well, it’s official. We are moving from this house where I brought home two babies from the hospital, where two of my children took their first steps, where 70 people gathered on a November weekend to celebrate my baby girl in her little pink knit dress.

We are leaving the house where Asher’s fourth birthday present was wallpaper featuring a map of the world. We are leaving behind memories good and bad, ten years in all, a place where we became a family, then a different kind of family, then a different kind of family still.

I started my business here, throwing laundry in between work calls. When I first stepped inside, despite the disarray and demand for remodeling, I fell in love with the stone fireplace and the stone on the exterior and the realm of possibility.

Ten years later, it is time to move. We are moving on and moving up and moving to the next phase of life.

That doesn’t mean it will be easy. We will say goodbye to neighbors who are like family. We will say goodbye to memories. We will say goodbye to the bulk of my children’s childhoods.

But we will say hello to opportunity, to friends playing down the street, to easy bike rides and fireworks on the fourth of July and neighborhood concerts and a library and a pool and room to walk and people we know.

We will say hello to our new family home, the place where Dan and I and all our kids can finally say, this is our place, this is where we belong, this is home.

Remarkable that, given economic circumstances and timing, my new husband moved into the house I bought with my ex-husband. Even moreso that our bedroom is pretty much the same as before. Why on earth I didn’t consider creating a new sanctuary for our marriage is beyond me.

We grow blind to the details around us and how they impact our lives and our well-being. All the clutter? Not good for the soul. I cannot wait to purge before we move, instead of packing boxes full of packrat stuff we’ll only never look at in the new house, too, I plan to toss and shred and recycle galore.

Still. There will be a tornado emotions over the next few months, and not just for me. The kids will say goodbye to the one place that has been their constant through the storms of life. There will be new situations and new room arrangements and exploring to do, figuring out who we are in the new milieu.

It’s all good. With change comes opportunity to see the world in a new way. Open eyes, open heart. With the increased amount of light and room to move, our lives will flow better, our souls be more open to the way life unfolds.

I can’t wait. It’s a new chapter. Bring it on.

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