Sometimes, you just don’t know how good you have it. Seriously. I have traveled the globe and visited some pretty remarkable places.

I went far and away in search of myself and over the past few days, I have realized that home is where you find your heart.

I was born in Michigan. As a teen, I couldn’t wait to get away – move to the big city, somewhere more exciting, with more action. And I did find it.

In New York, I loved finding poetry readings in pubs and cafés, sit in the audience and ache to join those on stage, with my words. I worked at a newspaper by day, calling Canada and Africa and Europe and by night, I wrote and I wrote and I wrote.

i wrote about yearning … For what exactly? For someone else’s romantic life somewhere else. But wait. I was living that cool life.

And so I accepted the transfer to Washington D.C., and set about discovering what I had always been searching for there. And found the same results – an amazing place but no more solace or clarity.

Because the truth resides in your heart. It is already there, inside each of us. We don’t have to escape to find it. We have to burrow inside and switch on the light and see the brilliance that surrounds us wherever we are.

I’ve traveled the globe and every place I go, I fall more in love with life itself. And I love coming home.

To me.

To this beautiful place where I have always been so lucky to live.

This week, we are traveling the northern regions of our home state with the kids and discovering it is even better than we always knew. Forget the fancy airports of Europe (which I love by the way) and forget the fast pace of the big city.

God’s country. In every step and every passing mile.

The real truth is that perfection is in my grasp, in the not knowing, the mundane, the beauty in the ordinary. Cutting edge and piles of money don’t line the road to happiness.

The kindness of strangers does. A friendly smile. The supreme understanding that a beating heart sounds like every other beating heart and blood flows through veins in every being.

Today we drove up the most magical place on earth, the Keweenaw Peninsula. I posted glorious pictures and friends commented that they were there just before us, or years ago, or would be again soon.

Your footsteps in mine, mine in yours. And nightfall with the same constellations I have always known. Pure bliss. Perfect peace. A fabulous life.

(By the way, apologies for being absent these past few days. A serious lack of wifi and also on-the-road travel have left the blogging for after our trip. You may not hear from me again until Thursday. Stay tuned!)

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