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“Revolutions destroy the perfect and enable the impossible. ‘It’s OK to fail’ is an artist’s notion, not a business notion. We must take the threads of ideas and the threads of interest and weave them into something new.” – Seth Godin, December 6-7, 2011

We drove to Union City, Michigan this weekend to meet our favorite children’s author, Patricia Polacco. Her stories are literary and flowing, pulled from her family’s history of emigrating from Ukraine to rural Michigan and assimilating among the farmers there. She has stayed all her life and carved out a niche as a voice in the world of children’s books, sharing her stories that bridge communities.

We met her Saturday night in the second floor of the old firehouse, which Patricia has bought and refurbished as an arts center. We brought four of our well-loved books for her to sign and received four more as gifts.

When Asher handed her The Keeping Quilt, she said, “I’m working on a prequel to this – it’s called The Blessing Cup and it’s about the pogroms in Russia.”

She signed her name on the book’s title page. “I love your name,” she told my curly-haired boy. “I had an Uncle Asher.”

The stories of our lives, retold for others to take the universal truths and find meaning for themselves.

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