The Writers Community with Lynne

You are a writer. You write when no one’s looking, and you write for people to notice.

Whether you write as a hobby or you want to get published, the only way to hone your voice and share your wisdom is by writing, writing, writing and being open to feedback in order to make your words stronger, more compelling, more powerful.


The Writers Community is a place where writers perfect their skills, finesse their voice, and grow brave enough to share their words and ideas with the world. Writing in community with others is the best way to strengthen your voice and realize that it has an important and needed place.

When are you going to take your writing seriously?

How much longer will you wait to put your words into the world?

How will you know the impact your voice can have if you don’t try?

Seven writers are accepted to each 6-month cohort of The Writers Community. Sessions begin in August, October, January and March.  Participants commit to 6 months and participate in weekly Zoom calls.  Every participant has a regular opportunity to share their writing and receive feedback from the group. You’ll also receive a monthly lesson plus weekly writing prompts to motivate your writing.

Join Lynne Golodner’s transformational program for writers who believe they have something to say and want to make a difference by speaking up. In this community, we connect over a simple desire to write and a shared passion for the written word. Participants receive monthly writing lessons with readings, weekly writing prompts, and weekly writing coaching from a celebrated writing coach.

This global community of connected writers understand the journey you’re on and the desire to be heard. It doesn’t matter what genre you prefer – the mission is to write.

This is for writers who…

You will receive personal attention from a renowned writer and writing coach who was told writing was a nice hobby but not something to focus her life around. (She did it anyway!)

Lynne Golodner decided that advice did not resonate and bravely focused her life around writing. The author of eight books and thousands of articles, Lynne is the founder of the Find Your Voice Writing Workshop and has taught writing and communications at universities and online for more than 20 years.

A renowned journalist, marketing entrepreneur and Fulbright Specialist, Lynne believes the human voice is a powerful tool for global change. She guides beginning and experienced writers to share their brilliance. The Writers Community is a safe, collaborative setting where everyone can soar.


The Writers Community includes…

Writers love working with Lynne Golodner!

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