You’re Already Doing It

What are you afraid of?

Putting yourself out there? But you see, you’re already out there more than you think. The creative comments, the heartfelt posts, every time you tweet, it’s not only your group of familiar, friendly followers – it’s all of theirs too. Every time you open your mouth nowadays, or click with your thumbs on the smart phone, you’re taking a risk.

And you’re being brave.

For every entrepreneur who is afraid to take the next step, to really put yourself out there, to plunge into blogging or tweeting or commenting or building a platform as a known spokesperson and expert in your field – what are you waiting for?

Aren’t you doing it already?

If your haunches rise and your stomach knots and your face flushes and you feel that tornadoing fear in the pit of your soul, you know you’ve struck a chord. Something is telling you to back down, now, and speaking those familiar but distracting stories so that you don’t change. Change is the enemy, your ego says, new is scary, uncharted territory is for other, braver people.

Maybe your feelings will be hurt or you’ll fail or God forbid, you’ll lose money. Maybe you’ll find out that your ideas are incomprehensibly, wackily wrong. Maybe no one will care. Or worse yet, they’ll point fingers at you and laugh.

Or maybe you’ll succeed beyond your wildest dreams.

So what are you waiting for? You’re doing it already? You just have to catch up to you.

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