You Get What You Pay For

I had coffee the other day with a writer-friend who lamented the run-around she gets from editors, people she’s worked with in the past who nonetheless balk at her invoice. And take my word for it, she’s not even charging that much.

The thing is, you don’t question the price tag on a shirt at Nordstrom or a drink when you’re out to dinner. You pay it. You know the wine is marked up 300% but you order it anyway because, well, you’ve made your peace with the fact that this is how the world works. Wine in a restaurant is more expensive than buying the bottle and drinking it on the back porch.

So why, when we hire a service provider like a writer, marketer, publicist, builder, or other such creative, do we nickel-and-dime?

We don’t live in a world of negotiation. Yes, some countries thrive on it – go there if that’s the tone you want to set. 

But here in America, the price is the price – take it or leave it.

You get what you pay for, every time. I don’t care if you save a quarter here or a dollar there. Are you getting the quality of work you want?

And it really comes down to another issue altogether: the belief that certain services just aren’t worth that much.

So here’s my perspective. If you don’t believe in public relations, don’t attempt to hire me. If you don’t want someone to write a piece for your magazine, don’t ask them to. Do it yourself. Or find someone cheaper.

The thing is, you truly do get what you pay for, so if you think I’m too expensive or my friend is or whatever, by all means, go somewhere else.

My best clients are the ones who GET IT. The ones who know what public relations is really worth, and they see my unique way of doing it. We have a synergy, those clients and I, and it works. That’s what you want: flow and ease.

There is enough work in the world to succeed without having to justify what you do and how you do it and what you charge. So don’t stoop to their levels. Just do what you do best and do it well. The rest will take care of itself.

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