Yesterday Was a Day of Drinking

Not the kind you think.

I started at 7:30 with a WDET producer at Biggby (hot water with lemon), getting to know one another, banding about story ideas, and it turns out, she has a fantastic story about bread and faith that will probably end up on my new book website.

By 9, it was the best coffee in town (Great Lakes Coffee Co.) with cream and a date bar as I caught up over uproarious laughter with a new favorite friend. We talked work, we talked kids, we talked career aspirations, we talked yearnings. We talked wine at 40th birthdays in Napa Valley. A good catch-up, all-around.

At 10:30, it was water at Starbucks, where I sat outside in the glorious sun with a woman from Walsh College, which is hosting my Marketing, Messaging & Media conference in the fall. We mapped out the details of how we’ll pack in 150-200 entrepreneurs, business owners and nonprofit leaders to learn about how to use storytelling to build business. A fun, networking-rich DIY PR conference where everybody wins.

And then it was on to lunch in Birmingham at Commonwealth with an old-new friend whose coffee swirled like a painting. We talked family and sports and parenting and community and belief and just had a great time.

After that, I actually had to go to the office.

But the work was being done all day long, you know. That’s the best kind of day: when you sit in one-on-one, face-to-face with no attention to time and just get lost in the conversation.

Real relationships facilitate everything in this life, including business. Anything less is really not worth my time.

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