Writing + Yoga in Northern Michigan – Join Me!

There is something so sweet about gathering with people to be creative.

Back when I devoted my full-time energies just to writing, I’d invest in a summer writing program somewhere, just me, and the pen, and the paper, and my thoughts flying about like bats against a summer sky.

The summer before I met my first husband, I went to the Iowa Summer Writers Workshop, one of the best in the country, and studied with Michael Carey, a lovely farmer-poet from southern Iowa. I still use his poems about trees to teach writing at the middle-school writing club.

The summer before my first marriage ended, my former husband, our youngest (who was 1) and I trekked to Aspen for Aspen Summer Words, where we gave our marriage one last chance – and I delved into narrative nonfiction with Gary Ferguson. It’s where I met my lovely friend April and where I learned that you can go far, or you can stay home, but your problems come with you wherever you are.

And so the solution is to dig down deep, connect with your soul, and find that peace that lives within. It’s always there. It’s never found in the running away.

We writers, we reflect and ponder and contemplate and weave words to give name to our feelings. We live through the written word. We make sense of the world, of our experiences in it and with it, by writing.

And I’ve found that yoga is a tool that helps me get clear, get to that peace, stop living the angst but rather turn it into art. Back when I was “just a writer,” I dwelled in the story a bit too much. Yoga has helped me get clear and clean out the cobwebs so that I can live happy and harness the details – without letting them take me over – into wonderful stories.

This summer, I’m excited to host a writing + yoga retreat in beautiful northern Michigan, at Shanty Creek Resort, July 18-20, 2014. Want to come?

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That's me - your writing instructor this summer - join me!
That’s me – your writing instructor this summer – join me!

I’ll be leading the writing workshops, for all genres and all levels, just to immerse with voice and story and connect with your soul. Katherine Austin of Karma Yoga will be teaching daily yoga and meditation. It’s a win-win because the retreat itself costs just $175 a person and the surroundings are sublime.

Katherine Austin, your yoga instructor at our lovely July retreat Up North.

Here’s where you reserve your room at Shanty Creek.

Here’s where you sign up to join our intimate little group for writing and yoga that will change your life.

Join us. Whether you’re new to either writing or yoga or a long-time aficionado, it’s for you. You’ll love it and we will have a wonderful time together. Can’t wait.

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