Every business has one – do you know yours?

Sometimes we think we do, but we get lost in the details. What’s interesting to others? What will help me market my business? How will I nab new customers with a particular narrative?

Stories that have surprise twists and turns are big sellers. Bootstrappers also win a lot of fans – we had no money, started a business in our garage and boom, we’re famous (sound like anyone we know?).

Beating the odds is a big hit, too – the likelihood of anyone making it big and making millions is so slim, so when you do, how you did it is fodder for virtually every conversation.

People like to think the grass is always greener in someone else’s yard. Even if it’s dry and brittle, it’s easier to believe a story of glory in someone else’s life. For some reason, we tend to see the negatives in our own.

I remember a day when one of my kids came home from school and pronounced it the worst day ever. Well, of course, when we got down to brass tacks, there were one or two incidents which were frustrating and not up to this kid’s expectations, but the rest of the day was pretty darn good. That’s how many of us look at our own lives and work.

So what if you were telling the story not just for other people’s benefit – but for your own? Chew on that for a minute.

Because I’m going to bet that if you were telling your creation story or your success story or your against-all-odds story, and you were the start and end of the audience, you wouldn’t even tell it.

What’s that about?

Why stay mired in lies? Why not look for the compelling, riveting narrative about how you are unique and special and overflowing with success?

Yes, others need to near it if they’re going to buy into whatever you’re selling. But if you don’t fully believe it, at some point they will leave.

Tell yourself the story first. See if it settles into the deep parts of your soul, where the insecurities live.

If not, keep looking for the arc of the story that really will penetrate.

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