If you could do just one thing, have one conversation, meet one person, and that one connection would make all the difference, what it would be worth?

I’m talking business and life, both. We can only do so much alone. We are powerful beings when we cast the ego aside and focus on what lies beneath, and we can manifest a lot. But we can manifest a whole lot more when there are others involved.

When you own a business, everything depends on choices. Do you go to the office or to a networking meeting? Do you take a potential client to lunch or hope they’ll sign on the dotted line because you sent a quick email?

Where to invest? Whom to spend time with? What is most important for the goals you have?

That’s the first question: do you know your goals? What are you trying to achieve beyond just making money?

Because without that guidance, you won’t get anywhere.

So, knowing that all-important meaning-of-work question and answer, then what? Where to invest? Because you have to invest in yourself and your vision if you want to get anywhere.

People always choose one of two reasons to not do something: don’t have time, don’t have money.

Neither one is true.

You may think it is, but it’s a story you tell yourself because you don’t want to face the true story.

Which is…you don’t yet believe you’re worth investing in.

Fine, tell me I’m wrong, blame it on me. That’s part of the conversation. We all have our defenses to shield us from the truth.

The thing I’ve never understood is why we would shield ourselves from moving forward. What is so scary about success? Why do we cloak ourselves in the comfort of dysfunction and obstacle when we could remove all of that and run free?

You know it well. We all do. Every single one of us does things that create stumbling blocks rather than removing the impediments to success. It IS that easy. We just have to believe.

In ourselves. In our worth. In the value we provide to others. In the heart beating inside our chests that leads us to compassionate service.

So let me ask you that first question that I started with at the top of this blog. What would it be worth to achieve exactly what you want? Can you even put a price on it?

I doubt it.


So what is it worth to invest in professional development or mentori

ng or coaching or an event that can possibly get you there – or even farther?

The secret that everyone knows but doesn’t really believe is that when you put yourself out there and take chances by investing in your own success, you actually are already on the road to get there.

It IS that easy.

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