I invite my staff to join me for yoga every week. Mostly, we go to a Friday midday class and emerge refreshed, energized, “out of the world” in a way – truly renewed after the stress and tension of a typical work week.

Sometimes we go on a Thursday morning, and do a more sweaty spiritual workout. Either way, it is a benefit of working for Your People because I believe the style, tone and philosophy behind a workplace is as important as the work you do.

So I make the offer and have purchased a class package for employees who decide to go regularly. The company pays for it. And my intention was always to include this in the workday, not as something separate.

Twice, now, employees have submitted their biweekly invoices of hours worked and deducted the time spent going to yoga and taking the class. I had to double-back and explain that it is my professional ethos to include the yoga time as part of the workday.

I explained that to one employee recently and gave her a check for more than what she had quoted on her invoice. I added the hours back in. Still, she called me on her way to the bank to say, “I think you paid me too much. I didn’t want to deposit the check and complicate your finances.”

So kind. So selfless. But I meant to pay her more. I explained that it was part of her workday and the amount on the check was the amount I intended to pay her – but thanked her nonetheless for having such deep integrity.

Since my business has grown and I’ve hired staff, I have been very deliberate in creating a company philosophy, perspective and culture that implements the beliefs I hold dear. I want this to be a place where people are cared for and respected, honored and cherished.

Yes, it’s business, and if you don’t do the job, you won’t keep the job.

But we are people first and foremost, serving other people. The minute we forget that, we begin our downfall.

I don’t intend for life and work to be opposing forces. If you work for me, if you work with me, you fall into the idea that we work toward a higher purpose, we live toward a higher purpose, we create our days to be the kind of fulfilling we want our entire lives to embody.

Plain and simple.

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