“A confident people is not exclusive. A great religion affirms other religions. A great culture affirms other cultures. A great nation affirms other nations. A great individual affirms other individuals, validates the being-ness of others and the vitality.” — Leonard Cohen

Work is going well these days. We’re busy, we’re succeeding, getting media exposure for our clients, and gaining new clients every month. It’s all good.

But I’m pensive. Pondering. Wondering what it’s all for.

Yes, I am working with inspiring entrepreneurs who are making a difference with the work they do. Yes, I am working with inspiring non-profits who serve people selflessly and fiercely. Yes, it is easy to tell great stories about all of them and get them exposure.

I came to PR through a back door, after being a journalist for the first 15 years of my working life. When I was a freelancer, I had to sell the story idea that I wanted to write, to the editor, but once they bought in, I relished the opportunity to research, report, and write a great story to inspire others.

I used to say that I wrote stories about how people find meaning in the mundane. I sort of do that now, only the goal is to build business for our clients. And thankfully, most of my clients are focused first on doing good, and second on doing well.

For the first few years I was in PR, I fought it, saying I was really a writer and this was how I earned a living. That does not work, of course. When you’re swimming upstream, you get tired more quickly and it’s so apparent. 

Then I embraced this wonderful new path and saw that I was doing so much good, helping people, helping wonderful people.

The swimming became easier because I was going with the current, and a lot of times, I could rest on the waves, float along and let the stream carry me. It was part effort, part ease, and great fun. Still is.

And yet. 

I’ve always wanted to lead a community, serve as a spiritual leader of sorts, but I’ve never been able to find the right religious stream to sign on to. It felt like if I chose ordination in one denomination, I was limiting myself.

It would be so much easier if I were the type of person who just goes along with the flow. 

But I always have to mark my own path, create the trails in the pine needles. And I think in time, I will find my way toward spiritual leadership, in whatever form it will take. Certainly, this inclination is attracting a whole new breed of clients – many who are working toward a higher ideal than just money.

The other day, a friend gave me this quote above from singer-songwriter Leonard Cohen and it pretty much sums up the quest my life has been on. It’s the path and the purpose and I am excited to see where this perspective takes me.

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