What Are You Working For?

Everywhere we turn, there are messages of loneliness. People feel isolated, alone, without support and so businesses try to create the illusion of connection as a salve.

It doesn’t work if it is an illusion.

If you’re running a business – or even working in one – it is essential to understand the two opposing perspectives of life as we know it. One guarantees success; the other guarantees failure.

The Success Formula: Be authentic. Realize you are here to serve. Infuse every department, from mail room to customer service to the CEO’s suite with a sense of gratitude for those who brought you to this threshold and who keep you there every day. Respect for the very human interaction that takes place in business. And never forget that your main charge is to make your customers’ lives better in a very real way.

The Failure Formula (a.k.a. The Delusional Business Syndrome): Believe you’re the only one who can provide a service or product. Tout the inherent broken-ness of everyone around you with you as the sole key-holder to putting them all back together. Think you know it all. Ignore opportunities for professional development. Do not read, listen or observe trends and news around you. Demand that people buy from you, and make sure you’re loud. 

Businesses that succeed today have a higher goal than mere money-making. They actually care about their customers. They’re not sneaky, and they’re not greedy, and most of all they throw off arrogance like an itchy cloak.

It’s really that simple. You can make or break your future simply by how you look at the world. And if you think it’s all about you, you’ve taken the wrong path.

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