The Way to do Business: Paul Darmon, DDS

I never thought I’d find anything blog-worthy about a dentist.

I mean, let’s face it: how exciting can it be to clean teeth? And really, aren’t they all the same?

Over the past two years, my kids and I have had a fantastic journey from a dentist I saw for years, to a transient dentist-friend whom I thought had a more holistic approach to teeth health, to the dentist we chose, Dr. Paul Darmon.

The quick story is this: when my long-time dentist found six cavities in my then-six-year-old, and his hygienist aggressively told me that every single thing my son ate would lead to cavities, including bagels, carrots and apples, my son freaked out, frightened of this crazy person sticking into his mouth, and I freaked out, having never had a single cavity myself.

Rather than submit to the diagnosis that my little boy would need a “kiddie root canal,” I sought a second opinion from a dentist-friend. She took a look and sure enough, Shaya had six cavities – none deep enough for the root canal, though. She suggested he might eliminate gluten from his diet and see if that improved things.

Well, my kids had endured four years of stomach agony with no apparent recourse, and the minute we kicked out the gluten, not only did his teeth improve, his stomach calmed. Brilliant. We were hooked, and we vowed to stay with this dentist from then on.

Until she switched offices. Twice. And that was just too much moving around for my taste.

So I set about doing research, taking recommendations and trying to find a dentist whose teeth-side manner and approach to mouth health matched what I was looking for. Plus, I wanted someone with a good solid reputation who wasn’t too old to retire before my kids grew up. No going anywhere. Staying put.

We chose Dr. Darmon really because he took the time to call me directly when I inquired, and gave me his cell phone number in case I had any questions. Sight-unseen. I could have been a lunatic patient. He welcomed me in.

My kids have seen him already, as have I. And each visit impressed the hell out of me.

I don’t know if Dr. Darmon takes a deliberate business approach to his practice, or perhaps it’s just his way. If the latter, it’s amazing because every word, every step amazed me as a brilliant way to do business.

The women at the desk have sunny smiles and are friendly. The office decor features gorgeous photographs of happy patients, with brilliant smiles. The hygienists are welcoming, friendly and focus on educating patients in what they can do to improve their mouth health.

I always thought I went to great dentists. But no one ever recommended a different toothpaste or toothbrush to help stop odd staining or gum recession. The others just noted that it was happening and asked questions, but no one took an active approach to try to heal the problem.

They did at Dr. Darmon’s office.

And another thing. As a new patient, I was ushered into his office for an interview, where we had a lengthy conversation about my entire health history as well as our lives. He wanted to get to know us so that he can best treat us.

For the one thing any businessperson knows is that customers are multifaceted. He’s treating the whole patient, not just teeth and gums. If I can’t understand my clients’ entire lives, their hopes and dreams, the reasons they went into business, how can I help them grow?

I left Dr. Darmon’s office yesterday highly impressed and motivated to spread the word. He has no idea I’m writing this. I just had to point out that even a dentist can do business right, and it likely makes all the difference.

It seemed to me that he is a happy man who loves what he does and has built a team of the same energetic, motivated people. The company culture and values are clearly articulated, otherwise there couldn’t be such harmony and flow.

After my first cleaning and set of x-rays (by the way, I’ve never had such a full set of x-rays – talk about thorough!), I am hooked. I love my dentist. I’d recommend him to anyone, and not just I but my kids, too, can’t wait to go back.

It’s all about how you engage with people, the relationships you build, the passion you show for what you do. It applies to any and every business. And it truly makes all the difference.

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