Tomorrow is the Big Day

For pretty much this entire year, I have been planning what will unfold this weekend.

It’s a two-day seminar immersing people in gaining some of their own PR skills so they can tell their best story and grow their business or non-profit. (There’s still time to register!)

For years, I’ve believed that everyone needs PR but not everyone should have to pay a fortune for it. The thing is, when you hire someone like me to do it for you, it’s a lot of work, so it costs a pretty penny. And I am not the most expensive practitioner around (though I’m not cheap).

For small businesses, startups, nonprofits with tight budgets, that poses a problem. To spend funds you may not yet have to grow your business? Tough quandary.

So what if you could do a lot of it yourself and perhaps hire a consultant (me!) to check in with every so often, a sort of PR coaching situation? Sounds brilliant, right?

One thing I’m learning is that sometimes, people are their own obstacles.

I have about 25-30 people signed up and paid in full to come this weekend, and I can’t wait. They are going to have an amazing and inspiring time and learn from some amazing people who are speaking on panels and offering presentations with their expertise from years in the field.

Better yet, we are going to be a group of dedicated, passionate people all weekend long, sharing insights, opening our hearts, helping others. What more could you ask for?

Tonight, I am hosting a dinner as a thank you to all the presenters. I love doing things like this – bringing people together, hosting beautiful gatherings, helping people make the right connections. It may be one of the things I do best.

Years ago, before I started my business, I used to invite 10 friends over for brunch on an occasional Sunday. I’d cook and hire a waitress to serve and clean up and I set the table with beauty – candles and floating flowers and pebbles on the table. 

I first did that for selfish reasons: as a busy working mom, I couldn’t possibly see all my favorite friends for individual lunches, so I invited them over as a group.

And then, I saw the magic happen.

The women around the table made such interesting and fruitful connections, and I was the common thread. What a high! To see important connections happen, friendships made, relationships grow. What a gift!

I wanted to create a business out of it, but my mother said, “Who’s going to pay you for that?”

Ok. Well, years have passed and I do a similar thing in the Power Table, my monthly dinners for entrepreneurs with a limit of 8 around the table. It sells out every time, and the magic happens every time, too. It’s a winning combination – great dinner, ambience, great people, great PR lesson. Everyone wins.

There is magic in bringing people together. And yes, people should be paid for it, if they do it well. Today, (and perhaps for all time) everything about business depends on good and meaningful relationships. And knowledge. You got those two things, you got everything you need.

So it’s here – all my hard work paying off for a great and fruitful experience. I’m sure there will be unforeseen happenings, but overall I’m expecting a great weekend, with all of us leaving on that high you get when you have an experience that opens your eyes, opens your heart and changes your life. Wish me luck.

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