You know the drill. Someone wants what you do but doesn’t want to pay for it. The nickel-and-dimers of the world do so because of their own internal lack, not because your  expertise or talent is not worth paying for.

But you have a part to play in this interaction, too. If you succumb to the pressure to give in, to lower your price, to accept the demand for a discount, reduced rate or freebie, you’re discounting your own worth. And then you’re culpable too.

Whether it’s negotiating salary or bringing on a new client or something entirely different, you know your worth. If you don’t believe it, you’ll keep taking cheaper and cheaper options and ultimately feel like a whore.

When you live your truth, when you quote a price you feel in your bones – and not what the market dictates and not what the nickel-and-dimer is begging for – you’ll succeed.

There is always enough for people with integrity.

And never enough for those without.

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