Should I Stop Caring?

These guys were 1, 3, and 5 when I started my business…

When I created my business messaging and public relations business in 2007, I was a single mother with three young children, the economy was in a tailspin, and I believed scrappy hard work would allow me to prevail.

It did. I used my writing and communication skills to empower businesses and nonprofits to tell their story, to reach more customers, to go deeper with existing customers, to make their mark.

But because of the times we were in, and because I knew what it meant to be lean and nimble, my heart broke open for struggling startups, entrepreneurs easing in to business ownership, nonprofits with incredible causes but tight budgets.

The realization hit me: everyone needs PR, but not everyone can, or should, pay a fortune for it. I wanted to be the PR pro for the person who couldn’t afford expensive PR.

I believed I was valiant, visionary. I believed I was helping the underdog, giving an option to organizations that had none.

So this May 1st, I’ll be hosting my first DIY PR Seminar, Social Media Secrets for Small Business, at the Westin-Southfield. It’s a competitve price for an all-day immersion, and the goal is for participants (no more than 18 accepted) to emerge with a Social Media Strategy and the confidence to implement it.

Two people have signed up. A dozen more have said they want to.

I know we live in a last-minute culture, where we don’t commit until the deadline stares us straight in the face.

But I’m wondering if something else is at play.

Maybe I’ve been wrong all along.

Maybe I shouldn’t be targeting organizations and entrepreneurs with limited budgets. Maybe they’re just not in a place to be able to hire help for business messaging development and public relations functions.

Maybe it’s misguided, an uphill climb.

Maybe targeting cash-strapped clients is a dead-end.

What do you think? Is striving to be a savior, to empower everyone to be able to succeed in business expecting too much?

I don’t want to believe that this mission has been wrong, but I’m old enough to realize that our best ideas can sometimes be our worst.

So I’m looking at a pivot.

Maybe it’s time to target customers with the budgets, and the knowledge, to know that they need outside help.

Those who embrace the concept of investing in yourself to grow.

Those who recognize the value in expertise outside the organization to drive the organization.

That the budgets do need to be there and if they’re not, it’s a waste of effort.

I don’t know what the right answer is, but I think a quiet voice in the far dark recesses of my mind is telling it to me.

The business mantra you need to spend money to make money is something chanted by those who get what it means to own a business.

I’ve had clients across the country who were in growth stage, who weren’t millionaires but had vision, who knew enough to know they needed outside help to get where they wanted to go.

I took this photo for a client who invited me to travel to India with her in 2014, to blog and photograph her yoga retreat there.

Those are the clients who’ve stayed with me for years. The clients I love. The clients whose businesses feel like my own.

We’ll see what happens May 1st. I’m excited to deliver compelling content and inspire entrepreneurs, business owners, nonprofit leaders to take a hard, close look at social media and consider how they might weave stories in-house.

I have the courage to build confidence in anyone who opts to work with me. I believe in pay-it-forward. I believe this is not rocket science, and with time, work and a little learning, people can learn how to do some of it themselves.

Are you willing to take the plunge and learn with me?

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