Seeing A New Perspective

I’ve been pitching a lot of media this month regarding several timely & newsworthy client pitches. One focuses on my client and friend, Alisa Peskin-Shepherd, a family law attorney, who focuses on the up side to the end of a marriage.

This time, we’re focusing on the  U.N.’s International Day of Families (May 15th), and how redefining our notion of family can build strength in the family unit. Yes, she facilitates divorces. But that doesn’t mean she represents the destruction of families.


Which was sort of the reaction I had from a journalist who will remain nameless. I sent the pitch and the email reply said: “Lynne, she’s a divorce attorney. Google her and that’s what you find.”

Um, yes. I said in the top of my note to the guy that she is, indeed, a divorce attorney. He replied: I just can’t see interviewing a divorce attorney about International Day of Families.

Well then it got personal. Sort of. I like the guy and we have a good rapport, so I don’t want to burn any bridges. And it is perfectly within his right not to take a story I pitch him!

But I said, “Well, just because people get divorced doesn’t mean they’re not a family. Believe me, when I divorced 6 years ago, my kids and I were still a family.”

And focusing on the beginning that inevitably follows an ending, well, doesn’t that strengthen everyone?

So it’s fine, that journalist is not doing a story on this particular pitch. I’m ok with that.

I’m just not totally in love with his response to my pitch. It is not a ludicrous idea that someone who is guiding families to realign themselves into less stressful, less tense, less toxic arrangements would be an expert on the notion of building strong families.

Marriages don’t guarantee family harmony. That comes from an amalgamation of details, and in our country, half of all marriages end. It’s just the sad truth.

But that doesn’t mean we have to have falling-apart families or ongoing misery. Can’t we pick ourselves up from the catacombs and start again?

That’s my point. I like to look at things in an outside the box type of way. It helps to gain new perspective, open our eyes to possibility.

So I’ll keep pitching. And the right people will tell this particular story.

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