Relationships Make the World Go Round

“The company owns me from 7 a.m. Monday until 4 p.m. Friday,” Tricia Keith said last night at Inforum’s Southeast Michigan Inner Circle event. “At 1 p.m. on Friday, I get in my car and start driving north to my lake house, making three hours of calls on the way.”

Once she arrives, she fat-tire bikes, runs, sits by the water and otherwise restores herself until 7 a.m. Monday, when the cycle starts anew.

This I learned as we went around the table, each woman introducing herself and telling a bit of her story. Then, we pulled a question from a tin canister, and asked it of Tricia, the honoree at our table. Thus ensued inspiring and motivating conversations about every manner of a good life – how to integrate work and play, how to build mentorship relationships, how to build a meaningful life.

I don’t attend many networking events. With the demands of my business and my family, I would far rather spend my evenings exercising or walking under the glorious setting sun or relaxing with those I love.

But I went – first, because a friend was being honored, and second, because I know that once we build relationships, our lives are better for it in every way.

And the program last night was possibly the most innovative way to build a networking event I have ever experienced.

The women at our table opened up, got to know new eager faces, and perhaps started on the path toward building friendships. Relationships are at the core of everything good.

I say often that storytelling builds business; it’s what I do in my public relations work.

Storytelling is truly about relationships – who is speaking, who is listening, and the connection they build between one another. The narrative of how one idea or situation relates to another, the process of cause and effect, and the details in between.

When we close ourselves off, when we keep a careful distance, we can’t ever hope for real success.

The unwinding, the act of allowing REAL to come through, that’s the heart of every relationship. And there is where the good stuff begins to blossom.

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