What It Means to be an Entrepreneur

Deep belief in self. Taking leaps without knowing where you’ll land – just knowing you will land.

That’s the definition of entrepreneur as I see it. And it’s how I explained it to my friend Kacee Must this morning as we talked about her meteoric rise as a brilliant businesswoman and owner of Citizen Yoga.

I was simply curious as to how she did it – opened a gorgeous, welcoming studio and started offering classes that are packed with people who feel good after they finish, and take heart-held messages with them when they leave.

Yoga is yoga, and after seven years in public relations, with about 10 different yoga clients over the years, I know a thing or two about this industry. I am not a yoga teacher, just a student, and as a student of life, I love to ponder the stories behind businesses, and behind trends, and behind people.

To be an entrepreneur, you have to be an optimist. You have to believe anything is possible and that you can achieve anything. You have to want to try. You have to believe that there are no obstacles and your success does not depend on another person’s failure, that there is enough to go around.


Because that is the supreme truth.

All of the best entrepreneurs I know have some deeply-held belief or faith or higher purpose so that when the sun rises in the morning, they hold its gaze a little bit longer than a person scurrying about to get-things-done.

They know that they may fail but that even failure is a success of sorts, and so they just have to try, and try again. That every idea, every venture, every attempt yields some success in its own sweet way, and mountains of lessons which are even more encapsulating and guiding.

I told Kacee that we were just meeting to talk because I was curious, and it was true, but then I was so inspired I had to write a little bit. (Hope you don’t mind, Kacee!)

I had to share my amazement at her path – believing from a young age that she could trust her inner talents and her voice and do something to help people, to serve the world. Taking off for India for three years at the Vedanta Academy (oh how I wish I could!) to immerse in Truth and text and let that guide her in business even today.

To see true kindness and true wisdom and to stay away from the fakery and the drama and know it has nothing to do with you.

It’s how I aim to live every day, and when I see another person, especially a strong woman entrepreneur, walking the same path, I just have to link elbows and say, we are in this together.

Because it’s lonely at the top and all of us need reminding every so often that there are others like us and we are not alone in the world of daring.

After we talked, I did yoga in a packed room with bare walls and windows facing an alleyway between side streets. Every person who walked past carried a paper cup of coffee and an intense expression on their faces, hurriedly making for their workplaces.

In the room, I sweated between poses and thought about how I moved my body, but that was about it. No an-hour-ago and no what-comes-next. Just now. A great way to start the day, to focus my energies on what matters.

Because we all matter. And perhaps what I like best about her business is that she is selling meaning. That is something we all will purchase, endlessly, because it’s real and it makes all the difference.

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