I Love When People Cancel

Yes, I know it’s passive-aggressive, waiting for someone else to cancel, and I am on my way toward scheduling more serenely. But in those instances where a day is crazy, or more client work has piled on top of existing client work, I am grateful when a client cancels.

I really almost do a happy dance. Seriously.

Because then I’ve been given the gift of time.

Today, I begin earlier than I would normally want to, with a speaking engagement to Inforum in Birmingham. Then I have two lunches. Count ’em – two. Yep, my fault, as I double-booked lunches for today with people I can’t wait to see. And they’re both still available.

So I’ll eat lunch twice and enjoy the company of people I haven’t connected with in too long.

No bother. Really, it’s a gift. And if I think about it, I realize how lucky I am that I can go and do and meet and enjoy in any way I want. I own the business.

Which also means there are late nights (like Monday) and Saturdays (like last week) I sometimes work. Because I own the business.

There’s good and bad to everything.

The one commodity we take for granted, though, is time, and when it opens up and levels out like a meadow we have a moment to walk across, it’s the best thing ever.

That’s why we love vacation. No rush, no obligations, no having to be in ten different directions. We can just BE.

Though we should work toward achieving that every single day.

It’s hard, I know, and so I once again thank those individuals who cast aside whatever plans we had to reschedule for the future. Thank you for canceling. I am so very grateful.

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