Live at Entrepreneur-YOU #EYOU4

It’s only 35 minutes into the conference, and I am already inspired.

Entrepreneur-YOU is a PR client of mine, a day-long annual conference to encourage and support women entrepreneurs. What a synergy, right?

Thus far, several powerful lessons have emerged, and I’d like to share them with you here, along with some lessons of the past week from my own work. Here goes.

image1. It’s OK to be a mom AND an entrepreneur.

Lara Galloway, also known as MomBizCoach, a blogger and coach for women entrepreneurs, says it’s time to eliminate “the cult of sacrifice” that often comes with entrepreneurship. No, you don’t have to work like a slave, avoid human connection or ignore relationships to succeed in business. Thank God.

I have always bristled at the notion that I must downplay my emphasis on being a Mom in order to win clients, or that I must ignore family commitments in favor of work. It’s possible, and preferable, to do both.

2. It is imperative to surround yourself with great people.

Isn’t that what a conference like this is all about? In the first panel this morning, featuring Lara Galloway, Angel Gambino (The Alchemists Collective Therapeutics), Belinda Jefferson (Hercules & Hercules) and Mina Sooch (Gemphire), led by WXYZ TV’s JoAnne Purtan, we heard again and again, “Surround yourself with great people.”

Find the right people. Smart people. People who create a great team. It’s all about the people. Relationships create business, and nothing short of it.

3. Do the work in front of you, and you will go far.

This month, I have worked frantically on many clients, but the biggie has been for the past several weeks on Entrepreneur-YOU, simply because it is taking place today. When you have a deadline or a time hook, you work it to success.

I’m happy to say that I’ve succeeded in promoting this wonderful event. We’ve been on Channel 2, Channel 7 and CW 50, on the radio (WJR’s Paul W. Smith and Mark S. Lee’s Small Talk on WXYT AM), and in print (Oakland Press, Xconomy, DBusiness and Corp!, with post-event coverage in the works in the Detroit News, Detroit Free Press and Oakland Press).

Success only comes from hard work. Doing the work in front of us. Not worrying about the future or the next client or what comes next.

Being here, right now, in the present, is the only way to succeed at anything. That includes taking a day to be present at a conference where you can shake hands and look eye-to-eye with other dynamic women and it includes being present in everything you do.

image4. Education makes the difference.

There’s really no way around it. Beginning with formal education and attaining degrees and then continuing with professional development, mentorships and other opportunities throughout one’s career – that is the foundation on which any successful business is built.

What an honor to work with clients who so align with my own vision of the world. I only hope everyone out there has this kind of gift in their career and life!

5. There is enough to go around, and there is no such thing as competition.

An event like this today can only succeed when people wish the best for everyone and the community, and not withhold information out of fear. It’s simple fear that sets us up to avoid connecting and ultimately, that is our own downfall.

There is truly no such thing as competition. The way I do PR is not the way someone else does it. That’s true for every industry.

We can only be the best that we can be, and do the work in front of us, as a way of growing, succeeding, and making a difference.

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