I’m looking to hire a full-time PR account person for my company, Your People LLC, and it astounds me how lazy some people can be.

You’d think, in this economy, with all the lamenting and griping going on about how hard it is to find a job – a good job – people in need of employment might try a little harder to land something. Or maybe that’s the problem.

Maybe the people who want to be employed, are employed, and the ones who aren’t, aren’t for a reason. It’s risky to say something like that, I know, but consider for a moment that it might be true.

Some examples of recent laziness:

* A woman applies for the position, sends a great letter and resume, and I’m ready to interview her. So I send some days and times and this is what she says: “Those times don’t work for me. Can you do this day at this time instead?” Um, who’s interviewing whom here? I am the boss, so if you want the job, get to the interview. It’s not like I was asking her to come to the office at midnight on Christmas.

* It doesn’t take much to deduce from my email address – lynne@yourppl.com – that my website is www.yourppl.com. So it would be wise, don’t you think, to take a surf through my website before your first phone call/cover letter/interview? Yeah, I thought so.

* Sending a letter exclaiming how wonderful you are and why I would be lucky, fortunate and thrilled to hire you is confident, yes, but probably a bit self-focused. After all, it doesn’t instill in me the confidence that you will take direction from your employer.

* Telling me how great a fill-in-the-blank you are when it has nothing to do with my business model, the job description or the type of work we do is awfully short-sighted.

That’s what I’m talking about. A recent New York Times reporter wrote an article about how hard it is for employers to hire nowadays – at a time when everyone thinks there are no jobs to be had.

There are jobs for hard-working people. I want someone to work for me and with me, who loves the kind of work we do and who is eager to come to work. Not someone who just wants a job to pay the bills and punch a time card.

Life is too short to work for the money. It’s got to be something much more if you want to make a difference.

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