Investing in Yourself

I’ve always had a problem with sales – which makes it difficult when you’re running a business.

Somehow, it always felt to me like if I had an agenda – for instance, wanting you to become my client – then anything I said to connect was disingenous because ultimately, I had an outcome that I wanted to happen.

Never mind if becoming my client would benefit you immensely; it’s always mutual benefit. For some reason, I just shivered when thinking about “making a sale.”

I’m starting to see it a different way. Now that I’m offering programs to empower entrepreneurs and non-profit leaders toward Do It Yourself Public Relations & Marketing Communications, I know that the programs I offer will be inspiring and spur participants on toward greater skill with marketing their businesses.

I know the value. I know the content. I finally believe that I have something worthwhile to offer. (Don’t get me started on the mostly-female tendency to downplay our worth…that’s another blog altogether!)

And I’m realizing that sales isn’t about me at all. It’s about helping people commit to themselves.

Sure, I make money when I make a sale – but I also have a lot of work before me once that person signs on. I don’t get off easy, counting my dollars while popping bon-bons into my mouth.

Really, sales is about encouraging others to invest in themselves.

And it’s about believing that I have something of value to offer that will benefit them and make their work and life better.

When you look at it from this perspective, sales is an all-around win-win. I just had to realize that my ulterior motive wasn’t deception; it was connection, toward greater success for both parties.

It’s one thing to convince someone to buy a car or house they can’t afford and have no concern for what happens after you get the check. When I make a sale, I intend to enter into an ongoing relationship with that person – so I do care about what happens next. I care about how they will succeed and how I can help make that happen and I know that if I don’t, I haven’t done my job and I’d better be ready to offer a refund.

Sales are really about relationships build on honesty with concern for both parties.

Interesting way to spin the kaleidoscope, eh?

It’s been such an amazing ride to see my Power Table program get off to such a strong start and fill a week before it happens. I realize the incredible trust these 10 people are putting in me by signing on to this program.

You can bet it’ll be everything they hope for and then some. They’re betting on me to help them bet on themselves. That’s no small task and not something to be taken lightly.

It’s an incredible gift, this trust. The money sort of just fades into the background. It’s the people, living breathing hoping eager people, yearning to make a difference.

The real question isn’t, will you give me business? It’s, what are YOU worth? What would it be worth to have an experience that opens up doors and insights you never thought possible?

Business at its best is a heart-to-heart endeavor. Nothing less. Nothing small. If you’re not up to the task, don’t play the game.

P.S. Next Power Table info here.

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