In the Quiet, You Can Finally Hear

I love Tuesdays in my office.

While I have a great team to work with, no one else comes in on Tuesday and I get the peace and beauty of the work that I do against a backdrop of bright morning sun, the woosh of wind as cars pass my office and the opportunity to breathe in the ideas that inevitably appear.

Business requires a careful balance between schedule and free time. Yes, free time to brainstorm, to explore, to wander – because that’s where I find my best inspiration.

Yesterday, I was chatting with a client in a very corporate world of big banks (Ron Jasgur, Woodward Asset Capital). The bigger you get, the less personal you get.

We were talking about why change takes so long at the corporate level. There are hoops to jump through, committees to present to and convince, and many, many layers of conversations just to change a software program or bring in a new system.

But isn’t that a metaphor for the way all of us are with change? We are so content (or maybe not) in our safe, little worlds with the paths under our feet well-worn and trod so many times that the idea of wandering on a forested trail where no one has ever dared to go can seem scary.

What if we screw up? What if we make a business decision that, God Forbid, loses money? What if we disappoint a client? What if we disappoint ourselves?

The thing is, and any entrepreneur knows this, if you don’t take a chance, you don’t risk truly breaking open the possibilities and emerging onto a bright, new, amazing world.

Safe is not the new black. It’s the new red. No company grows from playing it safe.

And the best breakthroughs come from the most unexpected mistakes.

Stop calculating. Stop looking for assurances. Just give it a chance. Anything. Yourself. Because if your heart is behind it and you truly care about what you do and how you do it, you’ll succeed. I promise.

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