Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County Women Build – What a great client

I spent this morning, from early-early-on until well after everyone else had arrived to work, at the site of a to-be-built home for a deserving couple. It was the groundbreaking for Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County’s Women Build 2014 initiative, and we had the gift of Channel 2 and the Oakland Press alongside, to help spread the word about this wonderful cause.

Habitat is a dream client, truly. They brought me in nearly two years ago for a four-month trial project. That grew to a year contract and then a second year contract. And now, I feel like I am part of the team, among friends. I cannot honestly believe this is work.

How lucky to be paid to tell the stories of an incredibly worthy and meaningful nonprofit! How lucky to spend hours among inspiring people with a dedication that runs deep into their bones!

How incredibly lucky.

There is work that you do because you need a paycheck. And there is work that you do that you feel is a direct gift from God.

This is it.

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