Fit the Need to the Want

Anyone who starts a business knows that it’s a chicken and egg conversation. Which comes first – the idea, or the marketplace demand? The entrepreneurial spirit or the consumer clamoring for something new and unique?

Well, it’s all an illusion anyway.

In every industry, there is even to go around and then some. We don’t really need any new options.

But then again, there’s always room for more. There’s always unique and untried talents that may just claim a market share that went unclaimed long before – or that is tired of the status quo.

We are a society of reinventers looking for the next big wonder. We get lazy and lost, we get bored with what we know, and so our eyes start to wander to the notion that there might just be something better.

Anytime we introduce a concept or a product to the marketplace, we’d better demonstrate need. Also, desire. And then show concern for the fact that everyone already has enough and yet, we dare them to try our brand, just once, and see if it lightens their lives.

Chances are, it will.

New is exciting. Fresh. Something to think about.

If someone else can do something revolutionary, it reminds us that we might, too.

New businesses and new products feed our need to dream.

Anyone who starts a business by saying, there’s a need and I want to fill it, is likely to fail. A great new idea has to be driven by passion and the belief that beyond all reason and logic, they will succeed.

That’s the trademark of an entrepreneur. Blind faith. Believe it or not.

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