MMM LogoLess than three weeks to go until my DIY PR conference and I can’t wait!

Yesterday, I sat beside a counter of cakes and cupcakes at Pronto with Maryanne MacLeod, a journalist from the Macomb Daily who will be on the media panel at my conference Oct. 26-27 at Walsh College. As I described to her my vision of empowering and educating business owners and non-profit leaders to do some of their own PR and marketing, my voice grew in passion and volume.

This is what I’ve been wanting to do for years. And I’m finally doing it, with the help of an amazing team of people – my staff, select other speakers and gracious business owners and media folks who agreed to be on a panel.

Recently, another PR person grew hesitant when faced with the idea of teaching others to do their own PR. The underlying fear was, “Then they won’t need us.” Nonsense. There will always be enough work to go around.

And I can’t possibly do it all. No one can. Why should we hold companies and organizations hostage? They should be able to understand the realm of public relations enough to know what they can do on their own and what they need assistance with.

I would much rather have a client check in once or twice a month for some hand-holding and coaching than to have to be solely responsible for all the activities and tasks. In some cases, an outside agency like mine is essential – the business is too big, there is no time, whatever the reason.

But in most situations, a partnership, a true collaboration, is the best prescription. All hands on deck.

So I’m excited. I love what I do and I can’t wait to share it. It’s exciting to think of light bulbs blinking on while people immerse in a curriculum I’ve designed and emerge with new skills and new confidence that they can, in fact, grow their own business.

There’s still time to reserve your seat. Do it here. (Use the discount code YOUR PEOPLE for added savings.) See you then.

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