She had a Pinterest page with my name on it, and famous actresses with curly reddish-brown hair. She’d surfed the ‘Net to look for photos of me and how I put myself together, so that when I walked into her bright, white home makeup studio for a trial before my son’s bar mitzvah, Tiffany Elie had a sense of who I am and how she might put together a color palette that would please me.

In a word, I was astounded. That’s the kind of customer service prep most businesses would never engage in. Here was a woman I’d never met, who had gone to great lengths to get to know me a little so she’d create makeup I would love.

It’s the way you build a client relationship that lasts.

In my line of work, everything is relationships. But I actually believe that in every line of work, it’s all about relationships.

It’s what I’ve been talking about since I got into this business in 2007 – people do business with people. Engage on a human and personal level, and you’ll have a client for life.

It didn’t matter that Tiffany and I grew up in similar circles, and it turns out I knew her brother when we were kids. I wasn’t clinched by the fact that she has done makeup for pretty much every mom I know. It was the lengths she went to, to understand me, to know me before she knew me. That meant the world.

A good job is worth doing well. That takes time. Attention to detail. Slow, careful, painstaking understanding of the assignment and the people involved.

Whether the job is huge or small. Whether it’s one time or many – because after meeting her and learning about her work ethic and her dedication to her customers, I can say that we will go to her any time we need makeup done, and now I’m considering having her give my daughters a makeup lesson because I so admired her integrity.

When you step away from your work and refuse to see it only as a means toward making money but rather view your life’s calling as what you were put on this Earth to do, you begin to make a difference in the world.

You begin to touch people at the soul level. You begin to create relationships of mutual meaning, which leads to mutual benefit, with a foundation of mutual respect and understanding.

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