We stood on the frozen ground outside a house in the process of being rebuilt.

Siding fell to the ground. Eaves and drain pipes came loose, making room for new and better ones to take their place. Inside, everything was gutted to studs and floor boards.

A dozen or more people gathered in the winter sun to bless this dwelling being built by my client, Habitat for Humanity of Oakland County, for a young couple. Personnel from two churches supporting the build came to pray and give their blessing to the structure and the land and everything that will make this residence a home.

Each person dipped a drop of holy oil on their hand and rubbed it in their palms. Then the group dispersed to touch different parts of the home’s exterior and say a quiet prayer.

Inside, the pastors gathered to offer words of blessing and inspiration, that what takes place within these walls will be good and powerful and worthy.

That began my work day.

How lucky am I to include in the work of my life, through my company Your People LLC, the promotion of such an activity?

This beautiful blessing ceremony was a whispered reminder to take stock of the people I surround myself with, the places I choose to dwell and everything that fills my days.

Last week, in the frenzy of visiting my grandmother at the hospital, my family spent way too many nights eating in restaurants just to fill our bellies quickly. A friend who practices alternative medicine said, “You have no idea who was making your food – or what he/she was putting into it.”

He wasn’t talking about poison. He was talking about emotion and energy.

If you think that’s frou-frou ridiculous, think again. Every little detail matters – intention, energy, thought, deed. If an angry, vengeful person is making dinner for me, that negative energy seeps into my food and I ingest it. I may wake in the night with an upset stomach and not know why. It’s that impactful.

We are impacted daily by the tone of the people around us. If you work beside people silently simmering, plotting their revenge, you’re likely going to have a hard time finding ease.

I am careful about the work that I do and the people I work alongside. I don’t want any kind of bad energy swirling around me. And I can’t fathom working for a meaningless cause.

How lucky that my day yesterday began with blessings. It carried me through, filling my day with meaning. Directing my thoughts toward meaning. Making sure that every next step was deliberate and worth taking.

It doesn’t get better than that.

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