So many times, I encourage clients to create an “ask.” What do you want people to do? 

In business, as in life, if you don’t articulate what you want, you may not get it. And you have to say it in words that engage others, connect with the heart, and build mutual benefit.

This morning, my alarm rang at 6:30 so I could meet a lovely client and friend, Alisa Peskin-Shepherd, at Channel 2, our FOX affiliate in Detroit. We had a TV interview for her because I asked the lovely producer, Annie Fuchs, if she was interested in a segment related to Alisa’s expertise.

If I didn’t ask, I couldn’t book the client. Clear, concise, direct conversation.

And of course, the ask is posed to people you are already engaged in relationship with. Sure, sometimes I reach out to a member of the media I don’t know well and hope for the best. But more often than not my successes in the public relations realm come from carefully built relationships with key people, and I only ask when I truly think it’s a fit.

Not too much, not too little, just enough. And sometimes, they ask me for help and even when I don’t have a client who fits the bill, I go out of my way to find someone for them. It’s just what you do when you are in mutually beneficial relationships.

I write here every day because I love words. I love storytelling. I love sharing my insights and feelings and musings on the world and seeing the resulting conversations. I love connecting with like-minded people.

So now I’m going to create my ask and hope you will offer up your ideas. I am evolving my business in a few directions. One is to teach more writing. Tomorrow launches my first 21 Day Writing Challenge, and we have a great group signed up, from San Diego to Virginia and everywhere in between. I can’t wait!

(There’s still room for you to sign up TODAY – and we’ll have a 21 Day Blogging Challenge starting March 1st. Stay tuned for details.)

I’m also narrowing the focus of my PR clients to just a good handful of wonderful clients. I am in the market for 1 or 2 more this year, preferably faith-based organizations and/or nonprofits. Know anyone? If so, I’d sure appreciate it if you might make an introduction.

flavors-faithAnd finally, I am booking speaking engagements and looking for the right audiences. I speak on food and faith, inspired by my latest book, The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breadsand I speak on storytelling, relationships, and higher purpose to build business. Both can be stand-alone talks or all-day interactive workshops. I’m booked for March and April already – but the rest of the year has some openings.

So there it is. It’s hard to ask for help, isn’t it? You don’t want to step on toes or be boastful or demand too much. And as an independent, strong woman, I don’t like to appear weak.

Except it’s from strength, not weakness, that we ask for guidance, and there is a fine line between asking too much and not asking enough.

We are in relationship in this world to make a difference. To build up the world in community and meaning. And we cannot do it alone.

So I ask you, humbly, with gratitude, to offer your thoughts and insights, your introductions, your invitations. Who do you know whom I should know? And how can I help you in achieving your dreams, too?

Thanks a lot. I really appreciate it.

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