social_media_strategy111The other day, we were planning for a client’s social media involvement in the new year. It’s a client that’s been on Facebook and a bit on Twitter, but we weren’t sure they were achieving much reach or engagement, so I insisted we take a step back and ask the big questions.


Or, more concisely: what is this client trying to achieve via social media? What are the client’s goals overall in terms of business growth in 2015? How do Public Relations and Marketing and Social Media facilitate desired growth?

And, is it all possible?

7024.4550744375_e984aeebbf_o_thumb_1FD6032CWe live in an age when just because something’s there, we believe we need it. We need to be on it, in it, involved with it, knowledgeable about it. We must be up-to-date on all the latest, without asking whether this involvement serves our overall goals.

Of course, that means you must know your overall goals. Whether personally or professionally, do you?

We’re at the time of year when people make resolutions and vow to do better, be more, in the new year – 45% of Americans make new year’s resolutions, and only 8% actually achieve them.

That’s because most people shoot too high and become overwhelmed at the long journey it would take to get there. The best way to achieve change is to chunk it out into small, manageable steps.

new-year-resolutionsBut I’ll take it even a step further. This year, a friend inspired me to create a 100s list – 5 categories with 20 goals for each category. I didn’t quite hit 100, but I chunked out my life into 5 categories (relationships, work, writing, home and fitness) and then made my lists under each.

Some of my items are highly achievable – weekly lunches with Dad, take each kid on a monthly date. Some are harder, like monthly income goals or a desire to hike weekly (I live in Michigan).

The point is that by articulating how I want my life to be, I actually have a chance of achieving it. The friend who recommended this method says she reviews last year’s list at the end of each year and usually has achieved a 70-80% success rate. That’s pretty good!

So when we were planning for that client’s social media endeavors, it occurred to us that if the client isn’t clear on what they want to happen, how can we achieve it for them? And then I took it a step further: since we were talking about social media, I asked the question, which social media platforms are the best for this particular client?

Which led me to wonder, which social media platforms are best for ME? Should I really be on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram and Pinterest? Really? Do they all serve me? And what would happen if I dared to drop off one or more?

calvin-hobbes-new-years-resolutions-572x433Nothing. Except a little slice of time and privacy back that I am certain I would cherish.

All the things we think we need we really don’t need. NEED is a simple word whose meaning brings us down to basics – what we need to survive is quite simple: a roof over our heads, food in our bellies, clothing to cover our bodies. It doesn’t have to be Prada or Chanel, it doesn’t have to be filet mignon.

We don’t need social media. Or the fancy car with the expensive lease. Or so many other things we could make lists of.

possibilityLast night, New Year’s Eve, we sat in our family room with our four wonderful children and I told them about my 100s list. I encouraged everyone else to make their own. The kids chose to do a 25s list or a 20s list or whatever spoke to them, but we all sat there at about 9 pm at night with notebooks and pens and wrote down what we would like to achieve in the new year.

The kids had items about not procrastinating on schoolwork and reading more books and bickering less and making new friends. My husband had “love more” in every single category.

What we need out of life is simple: to feel loved, to feel secure, to feel happy. And that isn’t really achieved by amassing credit card debt or tweeting late into the night.

It comes down to basics. Let’s ruminate on that as we make our resolutions and vow to do better. Let’s really do better this year, and see how life is so much more fulfilling to live.

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