All Business is Relationships

Everything is relationships.

Let’s face it – what propels us to do something or not do something, to withhold or to unfold, to be forthcoming, generous and loving or issue the worst tirade of a lifetime – it all has to do with relationships.

And if you think your business, whatever field you’re in, whatever position you hold, is anything short of a relationship minefield, you are dead-wrong.

You can’t just punch a time clock and feel that you’ve done enough.

You can’t think you’re making a difference if you don’t care.

Your business will only grow if you relate person to person in everything you do – to employees, colleagues, superiors and underlings, clients and customers, the janitor is the most important person in the building. Everybody you come into contact with is a living, breathing, feeling being. With feelings.

We make business decisions most of the time based on emotion. Buying a house is an emotional transaction. So is buying a car. 

If you don’t care about the people involved in whatever you are transacting, you can’t expect to make any meaningful kind of progress.

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