Yesterday morning, I was the featured speaker at NAWBO‘s monthly Circle of Learning event. It was the first time they offered this professional development opportunity in the morning and for such a long time – I spoke for 2 hours straight!!

It was great fun, and I really felt a connection with all the women entrepreneurs in the room. We met at Delphi in Troy, Michigan, and I shared with my audience the power of storytelling and relationships to build business.

I shared my story. I told them how I overcame insecurities to build a thriving, fun business where I get to work with wonderful clients and lead a talented team. I told how it took jumping off the cliff and into single motherhood to build the sort of brazenness and risk-loving confidence that one needs to be an entrepreneur.

When you open yourself to others honestly and authentically, warmth and love pour forth. I know it sounds corny; I just met these women.

But being human is instantly recognizable and appreciated – because we all are, throughout our lives, and we need to know that others appreciate us for our flaws and can relate to the ups and downs we all ride bravely.

I won’t equate myself to a rockstar, but I will say that the touring musician’s schedule of downtime before and after a big concert is wise. I’m going to try to heed that next time around. 

Instead, I was in New York Saturday through Monday, then tossed fitfully Monday night, unable to surrender to sweet sleep, as the adrenaline of anticipation kept me up late into the night, thinking about the next morning’s speaking engagement. And then of course I awoke several times to be sure I hadn’t overslept – as if I were taking a much-anticipated final exam.

Today, I’m back in the office with a full plate ahead of me – but really, I should take the day after a speaking engagement as a free day of sorts, a day to walk in the cool sunshine and maybe get a pedicure or write or simply read a book and meditate more than usual.

Life is a journey. I am reminded of this sweet fact every single day. And on this necessary journey our eyes open and shine brighter with every lesson – some good, some coming from falling face-first.

{By the way, I offered my audience a unique opportunity to get in on the ground floor of a new Your People program: The Power Table, starting July 23rd in metro Detroit. It’ll be a powerhouse evening, with dinner and wine, 6-9 pm, for entrepreneurs, business owners and non-profit leaders to immerse in an intensive public relations lesson, network with a smashing group of de facto peer advisors and get one-on-one guidance in how to grow their business. Join me! Only 7 spots left. You won’t be sorry.}

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