Lately I’ve been pondering perspectives on money.

Go for the gold, have a number at the finish line that you’re shooting for? Or do the work in front of you, love the work you do, do it with heart, and the money will come?

Back in college, I remember a dinner with my then-boyfriend’s parents who uttered a phrase I’d never before heard: do what you love and the money will come.

Huh. There’s a way to think about it.

You see, in college, you just figure on graduating and getting a job and you don’t think much past that. At least I didn’t. I focused more on the places I’d go and the people I’d meet and the idea of falling in love than I did about money.

Money was something you needed, but it wasn’t an obsession, at least not at that point. I did the job, collected the paycheck, deposited it in my account and went for half-price sushi on Mondays in Manhattan with my friends.

Fast-forward 20 years and there’s way more at stake. Or at least the illusion of it.

Kids, houses, higher standard of living – I no longer think it’s ok to put my books in a hot pink crate from Target. I remember someone saying that we fill the space we have, so every time we move somewhere bigger, we just accumulate more. Huh.

Except that we create all this excess, so we are exclusively responsible for eliminating it, too, and resetting our focus.

In a conversation with a friend recently, we ping-pongged back and forth between the idea of you want to make $1 Million, make a million dollars and if you don’t need it and are happy with $100 grand, why shoot for the cool mil?

This need vs. want, luxury vs. necessity, discussion, goes round and round.

So the true idea of abundance is that when you’re walking your dharma, your path in life, abundance will come. When your heart is at the center of your work (do what you love and the money will come).

And sometimes – often! – you have to give it away in order to receive more.

How freeing it has been to pack up this house and dispose of so much we don’t need at the curb. (Crib bumpers and mobiles, old paintings, paperwork we haven’t looked at in years, way too many dishes, broken toys – gone, all of it!!)

How freeing it has been to pay off a bill and not have it anymore waving in front of me. How freeing it is to free up space so we have more room for growth. Inspiration. Insight.

And true success.

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