A Prayer for the Workplace

May your mission be clear

your path skirt the sky 

aim for the clouds, your purpose on high

your talents abound

your voice resound strong

your connection to others be sincere and be long

when you sit down at your desk, may your reasoning shout

that this work is important, it’s noble and bold

it’s ripe with compassion, inspiration, and joy

for the work that we do shouldn’t be a burden or drudge

so much of our lives follows this meandering path

and if it’s not for the good, it’s certainly for the wrath

of that still voice inside, where reality lives

that’s where you know that in order to live a full life, and by full I mean rich, not of wealth,

I mean rich in the things that make a person complete, the meaning, the glimpses

of perfection that come from a job that’s well done, a clear vision that all you are doing, it’s right

because in the end, if you didn’t help people or causes that need it,

you’ll emit such a sigh, a lament, a cry and want to turn back, start again

we don’t get second chances to live this moment once more

we must make the most out of every open door, every task, every job, every opportunity

start each day with hope, with passion, with vigor

The notion of elevating the work that we do is not a common theme in our society. Take these words, or make your own, to frame the jobs that you do into something MORE.

Work for a higher purpose, a calling, a passion – and if the job you’re in now does not have that, look between the lines and between the words for that hidden inspiration. There is a reason we are each on the path we’re on. It’s where we are supposed to be. Don’t fight it.

The work gets so much easier when you embrace.

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