The Flavors of Faith: Holy Breads

Fascinated with faith? Like to share with friends? You’ll love this book about timeless spiritual connections between food and faith. Lynne Meredith Golodner invites you to enjoy stories that circle the globe, then step into your kitchen to make breads from cultural and sacred traditions in Native American, Jewish, Christian and Muslim communities. This is a perfect choice for a series of small-group discussions with friends taking turns baking a new treat every week. Lynne’s stories will inspire you to share your own!

Praise for this book

“Never had I considered holiness through bread, or how every religious practice incorporates some form of bread! Not only was the writing engaging, but the recipes were easy to follow! I made two: hot cross buns and king’s cake. The chapter for King’s Cake is called Twelfth Night Cake. This would be a great book for reading group!”

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Hide & Seek: Jewish Women and Hair Covering

Traditional Judaism considers the hair of a married woman erotic. Married Jewish women are, therefore, expected to cover their hair, except in front of their husbands and, sometimes, other women. For most of Jewish history, this practice was not disputed – largely because society at large also considered it immodest for women to let their hair down in its city streets.

However, as the general definition of modesty has changed in the last two centuries, Jewish women have followed suit, debating the necessity of covering their hair in a world that has become “uncovered.” Today, most observant, married Jewish women cover their hair in some way, although a vocal minority declines to do so at all. In essence, hair-covering has become the bellwether for religiosity, turning practice into politics.

Sources dispute the when, why and how of hair-covering, but nearly all agree on one thing: it is the obligation of married Jewish women to cover their in some manner. To be frank, it is in no way always an easy observance. It can, in fact, change the very nature of a woman’s identity when her reflection fails to include what was once considered an identifying trait. This book explains the law, considers the customs, and includes the voices of people from around the world who are very much moved by the nature of this challenging observance.

Praise for this book

“The role of the Jewish woman is far subtler than the role of the Jewish man. I want to feel closer to God in my own way, not by copying the ways of Jewish men. By requiring me to make an unmistakably feminine, explicitly Jewish decision every morning of my life, covering my hair helps me stay connected to my identity as a Jewish woman, yearning for holiness.” Rivkah Lambert Adler, Ph.D.

“The social ramifications of Jewish law – how does observance make you a better person – is often asserted, but rarely studied. Hide and Seek: Jewish women and hair covering is an excellent anthology of essays about how the mitzvah of hair covering changed them.” Rabbi Michael Broyde

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Stand Out from the Crowd: The Your People Guide to Beside-the-Box, Funky, From-the-Heart DIY Marketing, PR & Social Media

This is a fun, easy read that helps entrepreneurs, startups and small business owners get a handle on marketing. Written by entrepreneur, writer and business expert Lynne Meredith Golodner, this book gives an easy DIY understanding to creating comprehensive marketing campaigns that build exposure by building strategic relationships. Sections focus on public relations, social media and an array of marketing endeavors, all of which focus on connecting companies with the people who are likely to become loyal, returning customers and word-of-mouth marketers. Golodner writes, “The quintessential American dream lies in the belief that anything is possible, that hard work pays off, giving us infinite success, happiness and a sense of a job more than well-done.”

As a single mother to three young children, Lynne created a company that grew every year, and she found work she loved. Her company, Your People LLC, builds business by building relationships. To build relationships in business, you must follow the same path as making friends: take your time and be sincere.

All entrepreneurs walk a path of stories: what inspired them to start out, to break with convention, to take risks, to put ideas in motion. In this book, you will learn how to create a buzz around your company and build lasting exposure. Includes worksheets and step-by-step instructions for putting your plans into action and creating a campaign that will steadily grow your business beyond belief.

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In The Shadow Of The Tree, A Therapeutic Writing Guide for Children with Cancer

In the Shadow of the Tree: A Therapeutic Writing Guide for Children with Cancer

In the late 1990s, Lynne Golodner hosted writing camps for children. When one of her campers was diagnosed with leukemia, she started visiting the young girl to write together as a way to process her emotions and experiences as she went through treatment. Those writing sessions became this book, In The Shadow of the Tree: A Therapeutic Writing Guide for Children with Cancer, with the young patient’s poems as examples for Lynne’s writing exercises. The girl is now a pediatric oncologist and a mother herself.

Praise for this book:

“This book is not only an excellent collection of creative writing exercises for children struggling with serious illnesses, but it is a wonderful text that will give hope and wisdom to all who read and work with it. I found this book to be both humane and practical as a great creative tool to help discover what is inside the soul when the body is in a battle for life. Lynne and Elana have given hope and life through the literary arts. This is a remarkable book to help us all better understand the purposes of our lives.” M.L. Liebler

“What the authors have accomplished with In the Shadow of the Tree is both profound and wonderfully simple. Simple in the sense that immersion in language can quietly improve a young cancer patient’s self-esteem; profound in the way that only something created with compassion and love for others can be. This workbook is a document of hope.” Stewart Francke

“Through the use of poetry, the authors teach creative writing skills to cancer patients as a vehicle for them to work through the emotional issues that occur across the various stages of the cancer continuum. This groundbreaking book is for young people grappling with this disease. The book is replete with powerful, inspirational and thought-provoking poems, which give optimism to those who read them. The authors are to be commended for giving this patient group a means to cope with illness in their own unique way.” Steven Spector, Ph.D.