Author Brand Marketing Mastermind

To succeed as a writer, you need two things: to write and to cultivate an author brand.

It is never too early to understand positioning and brand to carve out your niche in the writer marketplace. In today’s digital world, agents, publishers and publications look for authors with a clear brand, a digital presence, and an original style.

This 12-week Mastermind – offered every January – immerses you in a supportive cohort & walks you through a step-by-step process of building your author brand.

Inspired by Lynne’s successful webinar, Creating Your Author Brand, the Mastermind teaches writers how to “brand” themselves, so they will be seen as an author.
Plus, we’ll examine the art of branding, how to know your writer style and voice, and how to create a Marketing Plan that you are eager to enact.

Each week offers specific guidance on an aspect of Author Branding & Marketing and the private WhatsApp group is the place to share questions & gain support. You will emerge empowered, energized, and confident – and be well on your way!


  • You know you need to establish your author brand, but don’t know where to begin
  • You’d like guidance on how to make social media work for you without headache, heartache, or annoyance
  • You yearn for a following, and an audience, who clamor for your writing
  • You want to build credibility for your writing
  • You desire guidance on building an author website without breaking the bank
  • You crave a Marketing Strategy that you are eager to implement
  • You hope to maximize existing relationships and build new ones as a way of authentically and organically promoting your author brand
  • You seek clarity on your strengths and market potential
  • You’d like the budget-friendly guidance of a seasoned Marketing pro and successful author


“Lynne is changing my life. She knew I was hesitating about moving forward on my dream path. I’d start, lose focus, then stop again. Lynne is keeping me accountable and her confidence in me makes a huge difference.

“With Lynne’s coaching, I got recognition in just weeks! She keeps pushing me to apply my talents, live loudly, and be a beacon for others. She shares her secrets.”

“There are many courses that claim to make a difference but fall short. Skip that. Work with Lynne and you will get top-notch results quickly.”

COST: $1,800 per participant (payable in installments)

Space is limited to 10 writers.