Month: November 2016

Letting Life Be Fleeting

“How do you feel when those cakes you spend so many hours and days to make go out the door and somebody eats them?” That was a question posed last night to Duff Goldman during his Detroit appearance. Knowing that so much hard work, attention to detail, talent and craft go into making his intricate,

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Now What?

What a different day today is. I barely slept. I watched the returns come in, my stomach knotted, my head buzzing, unable to accept the outcome of this election. How could this happen? Better yet, how could we let it happen? On Facebook, tons of people are chiming in that Hillary blew it, Hillary was

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Such a Momentous Day #ImWithHer

I’ve voted before, and I’ll vote again, but today was the first time I teared up as I fed my ballot through the machine. My eldest son patted me on the back. “It’s ok, Mom,” he said, grinning at my emotions. My daughter rolled her eyes. “You cry at everything!” “You should have seen my

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I Am Hillary

I’ve been wondering why it bothers me so much when people say they just don’t like Hillary Clinton. I mean, I’ve had political preferences for years, but I never took it personally or was stunned by the opposition. This year, however, I truly am. So the other day it struck me that the reason I

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