Month: June 2016

Worst Day-Best Day

The texts came in throughout the day yesterday. This isn’t a camp – it’s a boot camp! I felt light-headed after the warmup. This is SO hard! Can I leave early? And then, when I arrived an hour before the end of day one of volleyball camp, my daughter looked at me with the wide

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Rising Sun

First day of master swim. Dawn arrived thick, warm already, hardly any breeze. The sky was grayish-blue. The lane lines formed, we entered the water wordlessly, pushed off from the edge of the pool to swim a length and back and again. By the end of the hour, the sun glowed diamond-brilliant, its rays glistening

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Letter to My Son On Finishing Middle School

My darling boy, I know I say this a lot, and you roll your eyes when I do, but I can’t believe how quickly time flies. It seems like just a little while ago when you were my little chubby baby boy with electric eyes and an eagerness to discover everything about the world. And

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Turning 45

The numbers keep climbing, and as my father says, “It’s better than the alternative.” I’m growing older. That’s a good thing, right? And as the numbers click higher each year, and I blow out candles and make wishes for health, happiness and love, I feel like I’m racing to a finish line lurking somewhere out

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Two Sides of a Coin

As I sat on the hard wooden bench of the family court this week, awaiting resolution of my own issue, I watched the machinations of the people sitting before the judge. Their arguments, their pleas, their cries for help or for hatred or for recognition. One case featured a man with an attorney and his

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Why We Teach Music

Late-day sun slanted into the high windows of the old school building. Detroit Waldorf. Indian Village. June 3, 2016. It was the third night of school programs, recitals, finishes, for my children. My husband, parents, and I sat on hard wooden folding seats in the auditorium as the third, fourth, fifth grades and then the

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The Arrogance of Argument

I wonder about it sometimes, why we argue. Why we invest emotion and energy and time into sparring with someone. Is it to be right? To win? And when we win, what, exactly, do we come out with? Is it riches? Spoils? Gifts and glory? No, more often than not, the end of an argument

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