Month: May 2016

Three Perfect Days

  It began on a sultry, quiet morning, with fishermen at the river catching slick bass in the slanting sunrise light. Three days of hugs and I love you, of walking hand in hand, of exploring and lounging on a hotel bed, of swimming boisterously and calmly both in the hotel pool, of dipping fingers in

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The Little Peaceful Spot

On the little slab of stone, under the shade of overgrown bushes and weeds and trees, against the cascading putter of the pond in our backyard that regenerates itself constantly, I finally could breathe. When it was all getting to be too much, when so many emails poured in and so many voices, I forgot

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Name Tags Sewn In

When I was a child, my mother sewed cloth name tags into my clothing for summer camp. Recently, on an overnight trip with my youngest son, I noticed those sturdy name tags from so long ago sewn into the seam of the sleeping bags we took with us, sleeping bags from the 1980s that stand

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A Few Words About Blue Hair

The cloud cover whisked away as bright white sun came out over the amusement park yesterday. I was chaperoning my son’s eighth grade physics trip to Cedar Point, and while I anticipated not going on the rides for fear of motion sickness and heights, a new friend inspired me to keep my mind open and

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The Women Are the Most Beautiful

The male peacock is the one with the colors, as it struts along the pavement at our zoo. Yesterday, Shaya and I went to see the new penguin exhibit and then walked around the place, reminding ourselves how beautiful the animals are. Throughout nature, it’s the male of a species that has the brightest colors,

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Happy Mother’s Day to Me

  “Oh my GOD…” She mutters it under her breath on the way to school, but audibly enough for me to hear. It is as if I can hear her eyes roll, too. The five-minute drive to school on Friday goes a lot like that, with quips of “Mom, you are SO defensive all the

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Letting Someone Else Drive

Let someone else drive, my husband says. Literally and metaphorically. I was going on a bus field trip with my 14-year-old son’s eighth grade class to visit colleges and I had no choice but to sit in the velour-covered seats of the luxury liner and watch the cloud formations out the wide windshield as we cruised

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