Month: March 2016

A Walk in the Woods

early March, Heritage Park, weekday afternoon   How can you capture the way the wind sounds the simple tweet of a bird as it flutters by I walk in the woods on a cool afternoon alone but not alone content but not content little pieces of ice on wood chips on the path the path looks

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Wheatgrass on the Counter

When Shaya brought home the wicker basket with the dirt and small wheat berries in it, I wondered where we were going with this. Where did he want to keep it, would he remember to water it and, when he was away from home, would we remember? Would it die like so many plants we

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Finding Our Own Answers

When my daughter says she wants to play a sport, it’s usually followed by a response like this: “I don’t want to be a team or in a camp. I just want to play. You know, like, on my own, for fun. I can learn the game that way.” It frustrates me because I know

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It’s Easier Than You Think

So many people have a trick. Do this, and you’ll find happiness. Say this mantra, and you’ll find peace. Create this ritual to eliminate negative energy, or that meditation will ground you in confidence. These tricks may work, and they might not. Perhaps it’s a placebo effect into believing that there is some magic spell

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Where Is Everybody?

  It’s late at night and worries swirl around me like storm clouds – parenting dilemmas, work woes, grief from the ex, mistaken communications. So many things to set straight and so little time. In the morning, I pull angel cards and runes and set time to contemplate and consider. And then I write. What comes

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The New Normal is Just Not Normal

We are more stressed than we realize. This past sunny Saturday, I listened to parenting educator Kim John Payne in his soft-spoken stage voice talk about how the research shows that our stress levels, the constant stress we moan about each evening before we turn to sleep, then toss fitfully on the bed since the

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Why So Tired?

Worry. Anxiety. Work. Overload. Thanks be to God for the arrival of the weekend. When can I take my next vacation? I need a break. Badly. Everything is so HARD. Sound familiar? What a shame. I know it, too, but in rereading some wise words by Swami Parthasarathy recently, I remembered why life can seem

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Why Is Kindness So Amazing?

  The woman who left a scrubby note on my windshield in mid-February has been delightful in email. Not only did she own up to bumping my car and causing some damage, she is willing to write a check for its repair. I find myself wanting to meet this woman because I need to put

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The Times, They Aren’t a-Changing

In synagogue today, as the Torah portion was chanted in lovely lilting verse, I read some of the English commentary for clues into what we were reading. Every week, we read another piece of this holy text. We do it year round, the same chapters every year, and each time, hopefully, we find something new.

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Thank You for Listening

I was just trying to make an appointment for my son. I called the logical number, the one the doctor gave for a referral. They told me to call another number. So I did. At the second number, they took loads of information – the prescription number, my insurance information, my son’s info, and mine. They

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