Year: 2014

The Journey of Great Writing

You know how it is, to get lost in the words, drift onto a journey through time and place, love and hate, as you become one with the story. Great writing allows us to live beyond our mundane lives, consider other perspectives, join conversations we would otherwise not be privy to. For some, the art

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Finding Fun Things to Do in Kalamazoo

On the drive there, even though Dan had already identified a foodie hotspot for dinner, Eliana looked up “best restaurants in Kalamazoo” on my phone and pushed all day for us to consider one of her foodie choices. In the end, after an energetic visit to the Air Zoo, a brisk walk along the Celery

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The Power of Slowing Down

The Shabbat candles flickered in our dining room – 6 candles lit by me, representing each person in my family, 2 by Asher and 2 by Eliana, both soon to become “of age” in the Jewish world so they have their own candlesticks. We said the blessings over wine and homemade bread, we sat down

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Chanukah Lessons After the Fact

I sat in the rabbi’s study, an hour in an ordinary day devoted to looking at biblical sources and studying the meaning behind this time of year in my tradition. Although the leather couches were comfortable, I sat poised on the edge of my seat as the conversation went deeper, and grew more fascinating. I

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A Very Jewish Christmas

My grandfather used to sit in front of the TV on Christmas Eve, watching Midnight Mass in Rome, the Pope orchestrating one of the holiest services of the church year. My first-generation American grandfather, whose parents were cousins from a shtetl in Poland, who just a few hours later would rise to start a new

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We’re All Just Fine

Ever been to a business whose purpose is to tell you you’re messed up and they know how to fix you? So many are out there, playing into our darkest insecurities and fears, and making money at it. What if they’re wrong? Sure, we all have our issues. No one is perfect. But what if

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Yearning for What?

Hiking up the Big Horn Mountains in Wyoming, breath coming in gasps, heart pounding in my ears, birds wheeled overhead. In the distance, across the glacial lake at 8,000 feet, a bear lapped from the water’s edge. I was thinking about Shabbat at my rabbi’s house. It was 1999, and I was twentysomething and searching

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Disconnecting to Reconnect

I’ve been out of touch the last two days because I’ve been closely in touch with my precious son. After two days at a yoga festival, we immersed ourselves in Disney and I honestly haven’t felt the need to send messages out to the world; it’s been a focused time on connecting one-on-one. Remember when

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On Kundalini Yoga, Tantric & Wearing White

The sun shines brilliantly from the height of the sky down onto the soft grass, the crystalline lake, the white sand. It is perfect in central Florida right now, cool and refreshing at night, bright and light and incredibly warm during the day, and not a hint of humidity. Yesterday, Shaya took to kids camp

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The Power of Travel

I’ve circled the globe this year. Two weeks in India, a week in Israel, a week at the beach, a week in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula. I’ve been back to San Diego (five times in three years), and I’ve jaunted to Sedona, Maine, Florida for long weekends. There’s nothing like getting away to make you appreciate your

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