Year: 2013

Noticing the Quiet

Yesterday, the world fell quiet. At least this part of the world. Lights twinkled inside and outside homes in celebration. People drank their coffee slowly in the morning and children eagerly descended from their bedrooms to see if Santa had visited. There were tables set and family meals and gatherings and religious worship and gratitude

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A Child Is Born

On this day, many of my friends and neighbors celebrated the birth of a child so special, they’ve built their whole lives around his existence. I respect and admire the reverence of Christian theology, and I’ve come to realize that there are lessons within the story of Christ’s birth that resonate with me, as a

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I am loving packing. Not the sneezing-because-of-all-the-dust-kicked-up part of it, but certainly loving the throwing-away of things I no longer need – and probably haven’t needed in quite a while. In every room of this house, there is so much stuff. Almost 11 years of living here, stashing stuff there or here or under something

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All We Need Is Love

The couple were in their 60s, walking down the rainy street yesterday, huddled into one another, both in long warm coats, neither holding an umbrella. Practically no space between them, the man leaned on the woman for support. It looked like they had been together a long, long time. Late in the night, my little

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Habitat for Humanity – an Inspiring Ministry that is too Often Misunderstood

We crowded into the living room of a Madison Heights home on Thursday, ready to dedicate prayer and support for her family’s amazing success. Her daughters proudly posed for cameras; her sons were off playing. On the table, a cake decorated in festive holiday colors, congratulating and wishing a home filled with love. Yesterday, a different

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Beginnings & Endings

This time of year comes around every year, you know. The closure of a year well-lived. The dawning of a year full of possibility. We take stock. We take time off. We give gifts. We say thank you. We ponder how we can be better, and we make plans to get there. So why are

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Winter Walk on a White Morning

Detroit in December: Snowy streets, two layers on top and bottom, the thickest wool mittens and the freshest air between my lips. Walking on the unplowed streets engages the muscles I’d forgotten I had. Like walking on a California beach. San Diego in summer: Barefoot on the just-wet sand, glistening ocean pebbles glimmering with sea

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What Does It Mean to Be in Shape?

At 6:30 am, a text message *bings* – my brother, on his way to the gym. It’s an hour earlier for him, and I ask why he’s up. If I don’t workout before work, I might not do it the rest of the day. Makes sense. I know the feeling. I had every intention of playing

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Letting Go…A Mother’s Hardest Job

Asher went to ski club for the first time the other night. For a week, I was nervous beyond belief – what if he falls off a chairlift God Forbid? What if he doesn’t have any friends in the ski club? What if he’s lonely out there on the slopes of Mt. Holly? What if

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Israeli Weekend

Yesterday I didn’t work. I stayed home with my little guy, learned to make ghee with a chef-friend, went to yoga and picked out bathroom fixtures for my new house. I embraced the stillness on a Friday afternoon. I breathed in the cold, mint air and didn’t answer work calls. I didn’t engage in the

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