Year: 2012

Gaining Perspective: New Year’s Resolutions for 2013

This is going to be the year of simplifying and slowing down. It has to be. 2012 and really the past few years have been on overdrive, going, doing, busy-ing, with every weekend seeming busier than the last when all I’ve wanted was time and quiet and reflection and peace. It’s our own doing, of

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How to Get More Readers on Your Blog

Blogging is part art, part science. I write this blog to keep my writing chops honed and to build a platform for my voice. Who knows where it will lead? There was never any intention to monetize this blog, just to write and write daily, write well, write so people would read. But if no

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No Love in Their Hearts

Some months ago, I was at the kitchen table with my kids and my lovely babes kept uttering such profound messages, I felt it was God speaking through them right then and there. That’s the thing with kids: no filter, no preconceptions, no bitterness, so they see incredibly clearly.  Eliana’s brilliance: “I believe our life

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Happy Christmas

I love when the world is silent. The roads are almost empty, stores are closed, everyone’s home. It’s a day of burrowing under the blanket, listening to soft music, reading a book or hugging someone you love. It’s a day for baking muffins or cinnamon rolls or bread. A day for meditating with my 10-year-old

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Wrapping Up a Year – or an Era?

I hate the image circulating on Facebook of the weather forecast with every day at 40-something or 30-something degrees and tomorrow, 12-21-12, at 1250 degrees Fahrenheit and meteors colliding with the Earth. It creeps me out. It scares me. I know the fears surrounding 2012 bringing an end to our world are silly. I buy

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Work That Matters: Lutheran Social Services of Michigan

“Knowing that someone loves you is a treasure,” said Sylvia, a demure, sweet 15-year-old girl desperate for a “forever family.” “It is the world.” Sylvia lives with an elderly, ill grandmother and just learned yesterday that she can never see her father again. “When you have someone love you, it’s just fantastic,” said Ryan, a

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Work That Matters: Josh Tobias (

I only ever run into my childhood friend Josh Tobias at times of great sadness, when someone has died. Not because we don’t both have families and children and other community involvements. No, it seems that the only time I see Josh is at a funeral, at Ira Kaufman Chapel, which he manages. The way

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Let’s Focus on the Good Things

My kids ask me all the time why the news reports only tragedies and scary stuff. I don’t have an answer, I tell them each and every time, but I remind them that the world is full of so much more good than bad. So let’s talk about the good things. This morning, on the

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This Unbelievable Life

The intensity of the past few days has been incredible. From the tragedy on Friday which I will not discuss here in this blog to the final, sweet rest of a dear cousin who had suffered far too long, to the sudden and unbelievable death of the mother of a dear friend and colleague. These

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