Lynne Golodner

Author, Writing Coach & Marketing Entrepreneur

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Hey there – I’m Lynne. Writer. Writing Coach. Entrepreneur. Marketing Guru. Mom of 4. Hiker. Swimmer. World Traveler.

You know that person you were when you were little, before the pressures and stresses of having to earn a living or support a family.

Back when you engaged in activities simply because they were fun and you were driven to do them? For me, that person loved writing.

When I was younger, I carried around a corduroy-covered journal (which now sits behind my desk as a reminder to be true to my Self!), and I filled the pages with stories, poems, and short plays. Writing has always been my way of figuring out the world, of capturing momentary beauty and stunning silence.

As a journalist, I’ve written about home, architecture, real estate, food, faith, and family, and I am the author of eight books. I’ve lived in New York, Washington, D.C., and Detroit, and in 2007, I pivoted from full-time journalist to marketing entrepreneur when I created Your People LLC.

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Books by Lynne

My first book, Driving Off the Horizon, was a collection of poetry that was published by a small Maryland press (IM Press) in 1996. It was actually my master’s degree manuscript, a collection of poems written in my 20s as I lived in different cities and traveled the world. My eyes were opening, and the world tasted new. And so I translated those experiences into words strung together into poems that captured moments.